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Patrick Weill

The Park and Walker Action Thriller Series

It’s a good thing San Diego Harbor Police detectives Tony Park and Jeff Walker are tough guys with special skills, since the vicious criminals they have to face would be the death of ordinary men!

Book one, The Mazatlan Showdown, is a pulse-pounding origin story that takes place while Park and Walker are still beach lifeguards. Through a tightly-woven plot in which they come face to face with the man who murdered Walker’s father, this novel explains how and why they become law enforcement officers. In book two, Bad Traffic, the detectives are working their first case as partners in a police cruiser. Their job? To save a missing girl, take down a human trafficking ring, and rescue their own wives from a murderous cartel. Watch out for book 3, Double Threat! Coming in 2023.

If you like furious action and twisty plots, compelling prose and gorgeous oceanfront settings, and you’ll love Weill’s new action thriller series. Grab your copy today to ride along with two cops with big hearts who won’t stop fighting till the bad guys get their due!

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Book 2
Double Threat
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